About us

OJP Applications Ltd is a digital solutions agency start-up which is located in Telford; a fast growing town in Shropshire county at the heart of England.

OJP Applications Ltd was founded in March 2020 by Obinna Johnphill; a computer science and software development expert with 10 years experience in the field of studying computer related technologies and delivering digital applications.

The main strategic aim of OJP Applications Ltd is to provide businesses within the United Kingdom and beyond with easily accessible digital solutions and consultancy. To provide software development expertise that is affordable, but will add value to individual clients, small to medium size enterprises and or large businesses; helping them to software development goals. Our vision is to collaborate, innovate and share our dedication to result-driven software development approaches and expertise with companies who are looking to leverage on digital solutions to drive their businesses forward.

Founder Profile

Obinna Johnphill (MSc)

Obinna is a highly-skilled software development professional, bringing a decade of software design, development, and integration experience; through higher education studies, and over five years commercial software development experience. He is currently a part time student of PhD postgraduate research in Computer Science, with a research topic that is focused on machine learning; a sub-sect of artificial intelligence (AI). Obinna has advanced knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, C++, C#, Python, Java and APEX languages. He is a full-stack developer well versed in both frontend and backend web technologies.

Obinna was awarded a Master of Science (Computer Science) in 2017 and a Bachelor of Science (Software Development) in 2012. He has delivered projects in the past at Avora Creative Ltd, Round Software Limited, ITR Events Limited, Entanet International Limited, Livelines UK Limited, Beauty Republic Limited and Dillex Solicitors Limited.