Digital Solutions Made Easy

Established in March, 2020. OJP Applications is a start-up digital solutions consultancy created by Obinna Johnphill. The strategic aim of the start-up is to leverage on the over 10 years experience of the founder to provide easily accessible and affordable digital solutions to businesses within the United Kingdom and beyond.


Bespoke Digital Solutions Development

We will implement mobile or web responsive applications that is based solely on your requirement, rather than you having to rely on off-the-shelf solutions which may not meet your needs. We create messaging apps, data reports, websites, e-commerce platforms etc.


API Development

We have the expertise to create your application interface (API) solutions your business needs; be it SOAP and or REST API. We are able to work within the remits of all know software development stacks and any programming language of your choice, at affordable daily rate.


Server Setup, Security & Administration

We will setup your server for you (Apache, Nginx or CentOS), whether as a localised server or a multi-tenant cloud platform. We are able to analyse and reinforce your server security features, and advise on further measures and or administer your server for you.


Database Design & Data Analytics

We are the go-to digital solutions agency that will create robust database systems and data analysis for your business. We will utilise our expertise to provide data insight which will aid your business processes, and provide reports that will make your business to thrive. We are experts in different database management systems (DBMS) such as Oracle, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite etc.


Full Stack Development & Consultancy

We provide full-stack software application development consultancy, in which we will deliver your frontend and or backend digital solutions needs. We have experience in delivering projects built with frontend frameworks such as Vue.js, React.js, Angular.js and backend frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, Node.js etc.


Troubleshooting & Code Debugging

We will provide code debugging and troubleshooting operations on your existing systems and or within a project that your are working on and experiencing bottlenecks. We have expertise in meticulously investigating computer software issues and applying appropriate fixes where they are most needed, to give you peace of mind and aid your project delivery.

Inspirational Quote

“Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you.” – Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO

Testimonials from our esteemed customers

Below are the thoughts of our esteemed and happy customers whom we have helped to deliver affordable digital solutions to aid their business growth

We consulted with OJP Applications Ltd to deliver our internal customer management system, and they delivered beyond our expectation. I would use the company again and will recommend them for their speedy project delivery and affordability.

- Angela Ezeoke Partner & Solicitor - Dillex Solicitors Limited.

OJP Applications Ltd was contracted to help us deliver important business-critical service for our company. They built a messenger service which is unrivaled and which has already started making a difference to our profit bottom-line. I will happily recommend OJP Applications Ltd.

- Lee Sandle Technical Operations Manager - Livelines UK Limited.

OJP Applications Ltd delivered exceptionally on our internal processes application project. They created our first iteration of Salesforce CRM solutions which aided our Sale and Marketing team to exceed on their strategic objectives delivery. I will recommend the company for any future project

- Kelly Roberts Project Manager - Beauty Republic Limited.